First blog post

Hi I’m Tanya, I have started this blog to help me create a diary of things I’ve created. Remind me of my mistakes and how to troubleshoot a problem.

The love for baking comes from when you make it for your friends and family. Getting them to throw ideas your way is just wonderful. It’s like baking and creating together. And I would not be baking some of the things I do without them, it would just be missing that spark.

It also means not always having the right tools to make your cake. I’ll show you how to tap into thinking out of the box. You may have something similar to use in your house or your family’s 😃 I’m always sneaking around my mums kitchen and borrowing things.

I’m a Mummy to a little 8 month energetic boy and Wife to a Husband who is very particular on what he likes. Which means trying to cater for everyones needs and balancing my time.

Baking is my time to be creative and experiment. Don’t be fearful but exhilarated and just get your wooden spoon out and give it ago. Either way you’ll have smiles from your loved ones. To learn from others and get to know your loved ones better.

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