Cake dedicated to our late Granny



Inspired for my late amazing Granny

My Granny was so cute and amazing. She was little and full of life. Her mission in life, was to ensure all that visited Villa Maria (her warm home), were fed well and had a glass in their hand 😅. She always knew how to enjoy a party, dancing away. If there was a fashion show she would be the first to jump onto the stage.

She was so proud of her 5 kids, because they gave her 14 grandchildren. Her mission…… get them all married 😍

And her final mission was to have the most beautiful garden on her street, with gorgeous roses 🌹

In memory of her I created this cake #VillaMaria #whiskey #roses

The bottle of whiskey initially was meant to be standing but my cake was so moist it broke 😫. So what do you do with a cracked cake……. improvise. I stood in front of the cracked cake with my little son, asking him what I should do. He starred at the cake …… humming away, and ding it came to us 👏….. lie the bottle flat!!!

Assembly time

1. I had a rectangle flat cake. I cut it into 3 parts (2 big parts and 1 smaller one) the 2 big parts as shown here, using my edible icing for the label to get the width. The 2 big parts were put on top of each other, straight onto the serving plate. With baileys mascarpone icing to keep them together.



2. The smaller part of the cake I halved and put on top of each other to make the bottle neck and lid. I used a stencil of the lid to help me cut the shape.



3. I then gave the cake a crumb coat of frosting. Popped it in the fridge to chill. And then once chilled added the final layer of frosting to the colour I wanted.


4. I used black royal icing to make the lid of the cake.
5. I then took the backing off my edible icing. I had ordered this online, personalised to my Granny.



The “Villa Maria” I made from melted chocolate. Made simply in the the microwave for about 30 seconds and stirred till silky smooth. I then used a piping bag to write on parchment. I recommend making a few so you can pick the one you’re most happy with. Plus they can break when peeling off the parchment. To avoid getting fingerprints on your chocolate, use a knife to take it off the parchment, when transferring to the cake.


I made the roses by hand, out of pink fondant icing. This final touch bought the cake together.

We had this cake with my close family, after a nice meal. Who would have known cake could help us think of all the wonderful memories we had with our Granny.

We miss you and love you loads Granny xxx

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