Baking made simple

Creating a last minute surprise


I’ve always loved baking for my loved ones and people at work.
When I think of baked things it reminds me of joyous times like celebrating occasions to simply hanging out with friends. Bringing out a cake always brings an exciting thrill through the air and smiles all round. Wouldn’t it be great to achieve this without having to do much work 😝

Whenever I bake I always mix up extra mixture so that I can get enough mixture to make an extra cake. Once cooled wrap the cake well in foil and a plastic bag. And pop it in the freezer. If you have a last minute event or friends popping over. Defrost it the night before. Mix up my favourite chocolate and coffee mascarpone frosting. Ice it with with a beautiful lined effect, you don’t even need a spatula if you don’t have one. I use the handle of my grater. If you have some fruit in the garden or house. Place it on as decoration. 🤗 you have a wonderful cake without lots of extra work.

The extra layer I had was from the coffee cake mixture I was making for a tiramisu layer cake.



Be creative and have some fun, teasing your friends that you’ve been at it all morning!



7 thoughts on “Creating a last minute surprise

  1. Hi Tanya, this cake looks amazing. I also tend to have an extra sponge cake layer all wrapped up in my freezer. It really helps !
    Tanya, I would love to follow you, but I do not see the ‘follow’ sign, on your post, where I can click to follow you and receive your posts via my email.
    Hope you are able to link that to your blog. Take care 🙂 and have a great weekend.

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    1. Hi Lynne awe thank you for your lovely message. And letting me know about the follow sign. I think I have added it onto the page now. Please give it ago and let me know. I love your soup recipe perfect to make for my little one who’s enjoying trying new foods, whilst my husband and I can eat it too 😃 x

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