Baking made simple

Baking a Baileys Delight

This one is so a night in chilling, with drinks with your girls 😃 or boys

WhatsApp best place to throw in ideas. So I asked my best friends to tell me what kind of cake they wanted. They came out with chocolate…… Baileys …. cupcakes. So I did as they said but with a twist. I added the bottle of Bailey’s. At first I thought this is going to be hard to get the picture of the Bailey’s bottle to look real. But everything is possible with “edible icing pictures!!” And you can order it to your door online.

Getting the pieces to shape your cake

1. I had to work out how to make the shape of the bottle. I had 3 different sized circle cutters i found in my Mums kitchen 😝.

2. I baked my Baileys and chocolate cake mixture (recipe below) in a flat 12×9 inch tray, so I was left with a rectangle shaped cake 1inch high.

3. I scraped the left over batter to make 6 mini cupcakes (2 to put on top of the cake as the lid. The rest were there to eat while I decorated the cake 😝you can also make more to decorate around the Baileys bottle when you serve).

4. Once the cake was cooled I chilled it in the fridge for an hour. This made the cake less crumbly. I used the circle cutters to make 5 big circles and 1 of each of the smaller circles.

5. I made a mascarpone and Baileys frosting. This I used to layer the cake. And added black colouring to the rest of the mixture. This covered the outside of the cake.

6. Before you start assembling the cake make sure you have you serving plate and that you have space in the fridge for it and to be able to take the height of your cake (up to 9inches).

7. Make sure your cake to assemble are still cold so it’s less likely to break.

Assembly time!

1. Double check all your layers are straight. If any are at an angle you will have a wonky cake 😩

2. Place the 5 layers of the largest circles one on top of the other using the mascarpone frosting in between the layers this will hold it together. Take 2 wooden skewers check they are shorter than the height of your cake. If too long cut them before you go to the next step. Those skewers can be really hard to cut. I had to snap mine and then take off any wooden spikes. Insert the 2 wooden skewers through your cake. Make sure the cake looks straight and not like the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

3. Now you can add your medium sized circle and then the smallest. Finally take 2 of the cupcakes out of the cases and place them on top of the cake.

4. You now have a shape like a bottle. To make it more bottle-like. Use a serrated knife to curve the bottle neck.

5. To get the black coloured frosting I would recommend a black gel paste is great to use as the colouring is less likely to leak out of the icing than liquid colouring. Add the amount you need to get a black colour.

6. Put your crumb based icing on. This is just a thin layer of icing. Put the cake in the fridge to chill. This step is so important otherwise it’s a nightmare to add your final layer of buttercream. As it will get all little cake crumbs on the outside and will be difficult to get a smooth frosting.

7. Once cooled take your black buttercream and add a thick amount of it onto your cake with a spatula. I found it easier with a knife as it was nice and slim to get around the cake.

8. On the top of the cake put a thin layer of the white mascarpone frosting. I then used a sheet of kitchen towel to smooth out the frosting. Once you are happy with a smooth finish.

9. Cut out the shape of your Bailey’s label and place it on the cake. And use a knife to make the lines on the lid of the bottle.

Now you and your friends just need to decide how to cut it and indulge.

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